Sunday, July 15, 2007


You may wonder why the title of today's post is written in capital letters. I will explain now.

The matter is that historically in Azerbaijan hats (caps) were worn by men not only for comfort or warmth reasons. There was another importance given to hats which was pride and honour. If some disgrace happened to a man he would say "Papağımı yere soxdular" i.e. "My hat got buried" (figuratively, of course). Man would wear hats the whole day and when entering the house would put it aside with care and respect.

When first opera was put on stage in Azerbaijan in 1908 there were some funny characters who were refusing to take off their hats or they would take two seats: one for them and one for their hats :)

Nowadays although expressions and respect are left men are wearing hats only when they feel cold or when they want may find of course old men (especially in the regions) who wear hats with the same manner as their fathers and grandfathers did...
This is a photo of the workshop where hats (caps) are made in Sheki...



Saifullah Solenkhi said...

Pride, honor, respect, dignity ... are integrant of making good people and a great nation.
I'm a Rajput, but i never lived in Rajhistan, so for me its just stories RE Pride and honor. Just a little difference though, they don't were HAT's they were 'Pugree'(a long cloth specially pink tied around the head).

julia said...

Love these hats, are distinctive, I have a hat in this style, it is old but warm ( and I am female)