Saturday, August 11, 2007

Something different...

Dear All, in case you are tired of landscape I am posting a photo of my son who is a chest...of my late grandmother...this is one of the ways to keep him you might know for +- 18 months old everything seems boring after... 5 minutes...
Chest is something that exists in every Sheki house. Every girl when getting married would take one chest with her to her new house where she would keep her linen and other things that she wouldn't use in present but keep for her bright future :) nowadays girls think it is not cool any longer to have this huge chest as a part of the furniture...but I still love chest is still in Sheki but I hope to move it one day to Baku :)
Enjoy your weekend :)


Michael Salone said...

Hey, even for me who is way beyond 18 years old, even I get bored! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Is he playing with a phone? :)
A chest custom have been also here.

I have my mother`s chest and she gave
in it my sheets and towels and so on, when I got married.

But my daughters did not want any more anything like that, they wanted to buy thenselves their own things.
Times change, sometimes I feel pity of it, only sometimes :)

Sally said...

In English we used to call it a "glory box" or "hope chest" - linens and things collected for marriage. I doubt any Australian girls would have a hope chest any more!