Wednesday, September 05, 2007


This summer Sheki was lucky to have lots of rain...continuous rainy days are not very pleasant but rain for a short period of time is nice...also evening and night rains are very refreshing and romantic :)
Imagine sitting after a hot weather under a shelter, listening to rain, enjoying the scenery and drinking tea in a nice company of people..superb!:)
I am not sure if you can see on my picture rain drops...they were really big...rain was short but very heavy with thunderstorm...very impressive indeed...


Vie Lipowski said...

Actually I can see it clearly the rain drops!
I love rainy days, especially in the morning, so I could continue sleeping a bit longer.

Saifullah Solenkhi said...

Salam and respect
Finally, 4 days after i reinstalled my windows i could got to install my favorite browser (Firefox) where i have all my favorite sites always open. It's a weekend here today.
Well today morning was a very bright sunny one and suddenly there was this burst of very heavy rainfall, went out to window, stood there and really enjoyed, i love the sound of water in all forms. Read your blog and yep felt it all, you describe the feeling well, just lacked company here :)

ruypster said...

Greetings from Spain!

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