Thursday, October 11, 2007


As you might know it is the month of Ramadan in Muslim countries now including Azerbaijan. During Ramadan people fast from dawn to dusk and when in the evenings they break their fast their relatives, friends invite them for "iftar". Iftar is said about stopping the fast in the evening. We say that it is "savab" (something that is considered as a good deed before Allah) to invite fasting people to iftar. This good tradition is followed nowadays and people enjoy breaking their fast in the evenings together or invite fasting people to iftar. Usually there is plenty of food on the table and women try to be very creative and prepare many different kinds of food. It is also very common to help poor people so that their iftars are as rich as possible.

Today I am posting photos of the iftar we were invited to recently by our relatives. I am not fasting but my parents are so I joined their iftar. The atmosphere at iftars is very festive and respectful and food is delicious...



Sally said...

That looks FANTASTUC, Ayten.

And Happy Bayram! Afiyet olsun (I know that's Turkish - I hope it's similar in Azeri!)

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julia said...

Thanks for more info about the temple, I didn't realize it was a heritage building more than a current one. Interesting to see about the traditions. Our religion has, for centuries,had the 40 days of Lent with fasting and then celebrations at Easter. However, nowdays the fasting is a small part and we are asked to do instead other meaningful things, charitable works, prayer, special donations to overseas aid called Project Compassion etc etc.
Also, Can you take up the tag with CDP?

Anonymous said...

Eziz bacim. Cox gozeldir saytin. Cox xoshuma geldi. Ugurlar.