Monday, May 26, 2008

Eurovision 2008 Azerbaijan - Day After Day

This year for the first time Azerbaijan participated in Eurovision song contest.

This contest might be a less important matter for countries that have been independent for many centuries or since its citizens can remember themselves lets say. But when it comes to Azerbaijan…our country has been independent during two years, 1918-1920, and only recently, since 1991, when the country was able to declare its independence after 71 years of USSR farce.

Therefore this year when our singers went to Belgrade the contest meant more than a song competition to Azerbaijan; it meant that at last we have got the chance to represent our country on international or in this case on European arena.

It was our first participation and we came as number 8 in top 10. Congratulations to contestants and big thank you to those who voted for and supported Azerbaijan. I took these videos from YouTube in case you are interested to watch: this video is the filmloop and the one lower broadcast from the contest.

Warm regards from Azerbaijan,


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Anonymous said...

Ayten, thank you for posting this great clip and mentioning our participation in Eurovision! Our singers did a wonderful job representing our country. Love you guys!!!! THANK YOU!!!