Tuesday, September 23, 2008

XIX century Minaret

This is the picture of ancient minaret dated 1882 that is currently protected by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan as national property…it is located in region number 1 of Sheki as well. Unfortunately it does not function at the moment...This minaret proves once more how everywhere around the world people in the past were eager to create difficult structures in complex locations (considering there were no heavy load vehicles…) to prove their beliefs and loyalty…I hope this human creation stays for many more years so that our heirs are able to enjoy it as well…
Taking this opportunity I wish everyone who keeps the fast happy Ramadan.


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Anonymous said...

Azerbaijan and the Caucasus region in general is FULL of historic heritage. I hope that the different people living will be able to reconcile differences and preserve EVERYONE's heritage for the future generations. It is so important. Thank you for your beautiful blog.