Sunday, July 12, 2009

June in Sheki...

My dear readers, I am very happy to be back...thank you for sending me your notes asking if I was ok and the reason why I was not blogging...thank you very much for your support! I appreciate it very much! Everything is great, thank you! and here I am
I was planning to write this post in June but I am writing it only now...this is what I wanted to write at that time...

June is the month when many students are going back to Sheki for their summer holidays or grandchildren go to spend their summer with grannies and grandpas. Month when parents and grandparents are anticipating their favourite children and grandchildren to come back home planning to cook children's favourite them no matter how old children get they are still someone to take care of...I must say that culture in Azerbaijan still continues to be such that parents take care of their children and then continue to take care of their grandchildren till the end of their lives ...this care never finishes...young people of course often complain that they need more freedom but all of them definitely enjoy delicious dishes and extreme care...this "giving" nature is something that I am afraid is less common and popular nowadays especially among younger generations...nevertheless...currently my kid is with my parents in Sheki...who took him there knowing that their vacation would turn into an active and at times very tiring way of spending their free time...but they do it and do it with pure love and self-sacrifice...Different books say that children that are taken care by grannies are more spoiled but happier since there is tremendous love around them. Well, at the end of the day I think grannies definitely believe that as The Beatles sang "All you need is love"...:)
Today I am posting a photo that dates back to late 50s or early 60s of last century I am not sure...Photo is taken in Sheki with my grand-grand mother and her grandchildren (not all of them are there I think). Granny Mina had very hard times and years during her life but her children and grandchildren were her highest reward...
Sorry for the quality of photo but I thought I would share it with you as to me it is very warming and conveys the family tradition that I am touching upon in this well :)

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Raffi said...

WoW! I very much identify with this article :)

Me and my siblings were always cherished by both sides of our grandparents. I love the concept of kids being brought up by grandparents. There's so much tender, patience in the relationship, and definitely there's synergy.

I have great memories that I can and will never forget.

Thank you so much for this great post.