Friday, May 28, 2010

28th of May - Republic Day in Azerbaijan

28th of May is celebrated as Republic Day in Azerbaijan. This is the day when Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was declared in 1918 and Act of Independence of Azerbaijan was adopted. This was the first Democratic Republic in the Orient...Republic that lasted then for 23 months only....

Azerbaijan declared its independence for the second time in 1991.

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I was thinking today what I would write this year...History shows that people always fought for their borders and land, for their right to have identity, to be independent. Globalization might be an interesting neologism but unfortunately historically there were always the ones who tried to repress and the ones that had to struggle (in addition to many other things). Its year 2010. Azerbaijan Republic is gradually building up. It is representing itself internationally independently; and its citizen and/or native Azeris are still learning sometimes to love, respect and be proud of their Republic.
Today I am posting a photo of Azeri passport. On many borders I saw customs officials who were curiously examining my passport...often they never saw one or never heard of a place called Azerbaijan...surprise, surprise, the person carrying this passport didn't look any different :)
"Land of Fire", situated on cross roads of East and West, rich with natural resources and motherland to talented people, Azerbaijan, as any other Republic is striving for peace and wellbeing on its territory...and...further. So be it! Happy Republic Day! :)



Leif Hagen said...

Has your passport been used much lately?

Ayten Qiyas-Rustamova said...

Hi Leif Hagen, this is actually scanned copy of my spouse's passport :) (camera not with me at the moment), the best quality I was able to get, but, yes it's used quite often :) why are u asking? :) regards from Baku :)