Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things that make me smile...

Once in an airport in Italy we approached one desk which had a sign “will be back soon”…Of course we were not quite sure what “soon” meant exactly for the person who left the sign…we made a joke that if this sign were in Germany most probably the person would mention in how many minutes he/she plans to be back but since we were in Italy “soon” was good enough :) besides Azeris have quite a philosophical approach to notion of time anyway :)

Yesterday when I was driving home on one turn there was something like a sign seeing which it was more or less clear that there were construction works going on and I should choose another road…but no…I still decided to try…why? a) maybe they just forgot the sign there, b) maybe there is still some naaarrow road that I could use, c) maybe workers would agree to move their truck for a second :) so that I pass (last time this worked). So I drove and saw that it was not the case the road was completely closed. Behind and in front of my car there were many other cars with drivers who for above or some other reasons also ignored the signs and had to turn back now…You see…Does something like this happen in other places? Or people are so organized that they wouldn’t look for “just in case” opportunities and obey to the signs? Not the case here :) They should have made it impossible to drive in…making clear that they mean it! :)

Often I hear people around me complaining that this is Azerbaijan and everything is possible here (mainly accentuating the negative of course). But I think we shouldn’t ignore the facts that this is a) south b) crossroad of east and west c) country with complex history that left its impact on generations…and everything comes in a “package” you see :) I think you would agree that mentality, behavioral patterns and way of thinking is different if you compare south to north, east to west, big country to smaller country etc etc etc…we are all very similar and different in many ways and all unique and fun :)

Below photo I took in one of the parks outside Baku…I guess these are shoes of the gardener or some other worker (very neatly paired)…most probably he has different shoes that he is wearing on tiles (not to dirty them) and while taking care of trees etc…but he did not bother to take them with him but left there to come back later (quite typical too I would say) :) the scene made me smile and I thought I’d share it with you…Photo is called “I’ll be back”...hope it makes you smile too :)

Be well…


Anonymous said...

Well, you know what Russians say:
Поспешишь-людей насмешишь! )

Ayten Qiyas-Rustamova said...

Exactly! :)