Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20 September - Oil Workers Day in Azerbaijan...

Just like certain characteristics can determine life pattern of a person, natural resources determine history and very often future of the country. Oil and gas resources of Azerbaijan shaped up its name - Land of Fire...traditions - to name one of the most important that is welcoming of spring in March, Novruz, history - country was constantly invaded and divided and is still in ceasefire situation and welfare - during last ten years economy continued to grow and with new gas reserves more investments are expected...

Behind all aspects of oil exploration and in general everything in life there is a human factor. People - that find, explore and exploit oil and gas fields to name only few expertises.

Today my post is devoted to Oil Workers Day in Azerbaijan. This day is even closer to me because my father, Nadir Qiyasov, is a devoted oilman and I can say a unique geophysicist indeed.

Azerbaijan can boast not only with its oil and gas reserves but what is more important with its professional, highly-skilled, determined, very often self-sacrificing engineers, geologists, geophysicist, drillers and workers without whose joint effort it wouldn't be possible to put together any project of oil and gas exploration. I wish to all our oil workers good health, good, no, excellent working conditions and all the very best!

My last year’s post on Oil Workers Day can be read here.

I found this picture in family archive (and my dad doesn't even know that I am posting it). I love old photos in general...and on this one you can see how oil-men are having one of their heated discussions on oil field. This photo was taken in Soviet times when professionals from all 15 Republics would be doing their best for one big country...many years have passed...my dad is much older now (he is the third one in the middle on the picture) and is much happier to serve his independent country...


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