Saturday, March 31, 2012

People behind the scenes…II…

This is my second post devoted to people behind the scenes.

I had the post with the same title that I wrote back in 2007. Its 2012 now and I have the same “feelings” about the topic.

In March when I had a short visit to Sheki on our way back we stopped to see if there was anything we wanted to buy from those who sell what they make at home…I belong to that part of people that are should I say less paranoiac about “safety” of home made food stuff sold here and there while you travel around the regions. Probably its life time immunity earned by numerous tea drinking sessions that I have enjoyed while traveling back and forth to Sheki and not only. Therefore keen to experiment we took what seemed interesting and tempting and continued our way.

I asked the seller and probably his son if I could take their photo. They were quite surprised by the question especially when I said that I would post it in internet. Father started smiling and almost laughing. His smile was open and kind.

This post is devoted to all those who with honest work of their hands earn their piece of bread and bring something special and something else to homes of others. To that circle when one helps the other, when skills of one complete the skills of other, to the world where everyone needs someone else…

P.S. When you travel to Azerbaijan you will meet on your path many people with the same open and kind smile....



Rashid said...

Dear Ayten!
I'm glad you're back. Your post really inspired me. A was always thinking of people who stand along the roads to sell something from home. I'm not sure about other countries, but in Azerbaijan and Georgia these people create kind of local atmosphere and hearty hospitality, I would say. Especially in small villages… I remember, when I was returning from Sheki I bought honey from an old man. He was smiling just like the father and his son on your photos.

Thank you for the post and good luck!
Best wishes,

Ayten Qiyas-Rustamova Айтен Гияс-Рустамова Aytən Qiyas-Rüstəmova said...

Hi Rashid!! Thank you for your comment and good luck to you too! )