Thursday, May 09, 2013

Victory Day...or the most beautiful May...

Our generation is so lucky not to live during the World War II...during fascism... 

It wouldn't be right to divide people who fought against fascism into nations, religions and other. Since this is the blog on Azerbaijan I will only mention that every fifth Azerbaijani became the victim of World War II...Nowadays when it is already 2013 we have fewer veterans among us. Many of grandfathers and grandmothers that gave their lives for peace and beliefs are not among us any longer.

As we all know "principles" at those times were such that once the war was over, it was over. Not like now, when bombs can explore here and there, even if there is a ceasefire or there is no war at all; this is the tragedy of "modern" world, of "modern" "people". 

Spring is so beautiful, May is so gorgeous, the most beautiful May must have been in 1945, when the war was over.  Of course happiness did not come right after and to all, but there must have been such a great hope, hope that all springs bring. 

Azerbaijan is in ceasefire. We all hope that our refugees would go back to graves of their grandfathers and grandmothers in Daglig Garabakh to say that their land is in peace. 

Today I am posting photos of beautiful Azerbaijan. Wishing you, us and future generations peaceful life to enjoy many springs to come. 

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Gobustan, Absheron peninsular by Senan Aleskerov 
Clear skies of Baku by Senan Aleskerov
by Senan Aleskerov 
Beautiful Azerbaijan by Ilkin Yagubov
Poppies come in, May comes with poppies by Ilkin Yagubov 


Unknown said...

Dear Ayten, this is one of the most compassionate, beautiful and, of course, 'serious' blog articles I've ever read by you!!!
Not only because of my deep and serious interests in both WWs... .
I' m so happy and proud of you for the way how you introduce your country to us, share your impressions with us and make us feel at least a bit like 'friends' with Azerbaijan and its people...I'm totally grateful to you for everything, dear Ayten! :)))
And your blog entries are worth being read more than only one time!!!
Luck and happiness,

Unknown said...

Though, to be sincere, I don't know so much concerning Azerbaijan during WWII than in WWI (and after, of course) times...I've to learn more about that!

Unknown said...

Dear Ayten, I' ve again read your other articles on May 9th...they are all so wonderful and with a warm atmosphere; thank you so much! Whenever you talk about people you do that with a great respect, describing them in great dignity! :))

Ayten Qiyas-Rustamova said...

Matthias, thank you so much for your beautiful and warm words of praise and support! You are too kind to me! and I love it ) Best wishes from Baku!