Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sheki Khan Sarayi (Sheki Khan Palace)

Today I was busy at work and caught myself thinking that it is quite possible and most probably true that a person can get caught under work laud, routine and cares and forget that there are things like hobbies, love, enjoyment…it is also true of course that a lot depends on the personality and attitude…anyway…

Hello to everyone!

Today I am starting cycle of posts that would be devoted to one of the main prides of Sheki, Sheki Khan’s Palace or as we call it in Azerbaijani Sheki Khan Sarayi (Saray in Azerbaijani means Palace). This is the Palace of early XVIII century built for Khan (ruler of Sheki). To build the Palace no nails or glue was used but only the principle of “locked lock” was used. Also it is said that during its construction eggs were used as gluing material. This is summer residence of Khan. It was nice and cool high in the mountains so he and his family enjoyed staying in this beautiful Palace.


Kris said...

the details are simply amazing!

Saifullah Solenkhi said...

Assalamu Alaikum

Wish to find you in the best of conditions. Reading about the using the eggs as a alternative to glue reminded me of my childhood that i spend in Karachi, there is a tradition of kite fly from roof tops, and these are paper kites. So whenever we need to make some repair we use to use steam rice for glue.

Allah Hafiz