Monday, April 07, 2008

...Sheki halva...

My today' post is about Sheki Halva. Halva is a sweet prepared from nuts, walnuts, butter, sugar and spices and other food stuff that I don't know. Halva is something that Sheki is very famous for. If anyone goes to Sheki he makes sure to bring at least a box of halva back with him. Halva goes very well with tea and is something that Sheki people are very proud of.
Now on pictures:
1. On the first picture you see big tray with halva. This kind of tray with halva is prepared for occasions (for example for engagement parties and weddings). You can see on the picture red rhomb patterns on halva. This is usually the only pattern used and it is done by using saffron.
2. On the second picture you see the sign board of halva pastry shop that belongs to the man with the name Mahmud and I think his sons now.
3. On the third picture you see the woman who is working in Mahmud's pastry shop and is one of the people who is preparing halva.
Unfortunately I am not able to pass you the taste of halva by this post but you will have to trust me on this one :)
Have a good week!
P.S. Lately someone is leaving comments saying "please see here" in the comments to my blog. Do not press on that comment or on the links to it as it is virus :( I keep deleting these comments and I hope hackers will leave alone my blog soon...


Anonymous said...

I like the photo you posted today. Nice work. I also like the explanation you gave us about Halva.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi Ayten, I am enjoying seeing Sheki through your lens. If you want to get rid of the comment virus go to "settings" in your blogspot dashboard, then click "comments" and scroll down to where you can "enable comment moderation" This means that before comments show on your blog you must approve them so you can delete the spam virus before it becomes public. In that settings area you might also want to "show word verification" - another very good way to stop spam viruses.

Anonymous said...

Woodstock, (IL) We had the pleasure of visting Sheki last week. Very Beautiful. We hiked up into the mountains toured the Palace and the city. We had very good food and even bought some Halva.

enjoyed your blog.

Ayten Giyas said...

Thank you very much for your comments!! It is great to have your support!! Very inspiring!!

Anonymous said...

Your web page is fabulous! I had the great pleasure to visit Azerbaijan back in January of this year while on holiday. We did not travel north as too much snow but did get south to the Talysh region, even got to peak thru the border gate to Iran at Astara. The Azeri people were all so friendly everywhere we went and seemed fascianted to see Americans so far from home. If I ever make it back I will be certain to visit Sheki!
Washington, DC USA

Ayten Giyas said...

Dear Erik, thank you very much for your kind words and words of praise! :)

Hope you visit Azerbaijan again and see Sheki as well.

All the best,


farida said...

Ayten, you are doing such a fabulous job with your blog! Sheki is one of the most beautiful cities in Azerbaijan, actually in the world too! Keep up the good work! I linked to your page on my blog to have people visit your wonderful site. Sagh ol!