Saturday, March 07, 2009

Chocolates, flowers and perfume...

I think chocolate, flowers and perfume are the most popular products couple of days before and on 8th of March not only in Azerbaijan but everywhere where Women's Day is celebrated.
We are having beautiful weather in Baku which is singing beauty and love songs to all who want to hear :) Women look even more gorgeous as they feel and anticipate even more attention. Small or big gifts and flowers, chocolates and smiles are everywhere...:)

There are also always those who prejudice the purpose and date of the holiday etc personal opinion is that why to doubt? Isn't it better to have another occasion to celebrate life? ;) Women's day is on 8th of March but since this day happens to be Sunday this year, business women were congratulated on Friday and celebrations continue now :) I am not sure about other countries but we Azeris do not mind having long celebrations...I say its because we are southern country...maybe that is the reason we love music, dancing and women :)

Be well :)

P.S. attached photo is not mine but downloaded from internet...


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