Friday, February 15, 2013

Old and kind Sheki...

Today's post is a gentle "reminder" that this blog is actually about Azerbaijan with many posts devoted to the town that my parents come from and I associate myself with, Sheki

If you happen to visit Azerbaijan...
Why Azerbaijan you might ask. Whats so special. 
Everywhere is special. (majority of people in the Orient believe to be philosophers by birth or talk with philosophical hint :) 

In addition to anything else in Azerbaijan you would get a chance to get rid of stereotypes, well maybe. You would be thinking that you are visiting post-Soviet, Muslim country neighbouring Russia, Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Armenia and you would form certain opinions and then once you visit you would see how everything can blend together and it would be so hard or almost impossible to identify, associate with something or somewhere in particular; you would notice a lot of similarities and differences and end up thinking: "what a blend - hard to understand and grasp and hard not to get charmed." 

Sheki is a small and proud town in Azerbaijan that is blessed with beautiful nature, warm hearted people that like to make witty jokes and speak with "sweet" dialect that might have caused them to have specially delicious cuisine including distinctive confectionery products.

So if you are in Azerbaijan you need to spend time in the regions including couple of days in Sheki to put or at least try to put together "jigsaw puzzle" of this country.      

Below is picture of Sheki that I took last summer...
Be well...


Clara Leticia said...

Good thing I didn't give up on checking the blog. Your post could very well refer to Puerto Rico (change some location names) which is why I'm so interested in Azerbaijan and Eurasia in general. Anyways, I hope to visit next year.
Greetings from the Caribbean,
Clara L. Cruz

Ayten Qiyas-Rustamova said...

Salam, Clara! Thank you very much for your comment and support! I hope you do visit! Best wishes from Baku!