Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Remembering Khojaly...year 2013

I must have written before that months of January and February are not the happiest for Azerbaijan. In Baku these are the gloomiest in terms of weather and we all know what the weather means to almost all of us. This gloomy weather also echoes with tragedies that Azerbaijan remembers in January (19-20 January) and Khojaly massacre in February. 

Today in the morning when I started checking what was happening in social networks I came across the article in one of Russian web newspapers. The article about one of the cases during Khojaly massacre, one family, mother and her four children (with one born only two days ago), father killed and them walking to the boarder on the snow, barefoot and hungry... 

Azerbaijan is in ceasefire now. Nevertheless quite often young soldiers are killed on the boarder by snipers. You will call me biased but I strongly believe that Azerbaijanis by nature are not aggressive. Different nations and religions historically blended together on this land. The article I mentioned before talks about the family of Meskhetian Turks not Azerbaijanis. Meskhetian Turks historically were repressed, deported from country to country and at some point some of them moved to Azerbaijan as well. We have also other region in Azerbaijan where they reside. I am trying to say that historically this land welcomed everyone and continues to be the place where everyone as they say can find his or her place under the Sun. Unfortunately this hospitality got misinterpreted and we ended up with Daglig Qarabakh (Nagorniy Karabakh) and seven bordering regions to be occupied by our neighboring country Armenia.  

I do not preach war. As an incorrigible optimist I believe that there are other ways to reach justice in XXI century and Azerbaijan will find that way. May all victims rest in peace.

Photo is borrowed from the article I mentioned above.
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