Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Amenities of blogging

Dear All, today I am posting two photos.
One photo is with wonderful young lady, Autumn Cutter from Seattle, USA who is visiting Baku for forum and who found me via this blog. Isn't this amazing? She has also visited Sheki when travelling back from Georgia. Isn't it amazing (I won't be tired of asking :) to see how internet can connect people and how people residing so far away can meet up and spend great evening together. I think it is amazing!! :) The view behind us is Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Second photo is the photo that Autumn took in Sheki. I like the idea that horse and jeep are sharing the same road and seems like both the drivers of horse and the car feel quite comfortable!! Colourful XXI century in Sheki :)



Abraham Lincoln said...

This is a lovely pair of photographs. I am glad you got to meet each other.

Ayten Giyas said...

Thank you very much, Abraham, thank you for your support.

Anonymous said...

I just returned from Sheki, I was visiting my daughter Magda who is working there for the Peace Corp and has lived in Sheki for 2 years. I enjoyed my visit with her and seeing this wonderful city. The Caravansari was marvelous. A great memory is meeting her friends and sharing meals in their homes. It was a great pleasure.

Tom Heywood
San Diego,California USA

Ayten Giyas said...

Dear Tom, thank you very much for your note. I am happy to hear that you have enjoyed your stay so much and I hope Magda continues to have successful project implementation in Sheki.