Friday, June 27, 2008

Pickle time!

Pickle time is slowly starting in Azerbaijan. Vine leaves have already been pickled for dolma (will need to write about dolma in future) and other fruits and vegetables also rush to be eaten, pickled and preserved :)
Here is picture I took in Sheki bazaar with jars of pickled, marinated and preserved products for those women who don't have time/desire to do things on their own (few in the regions, many more in the capital :)


Anonymous said...

These photographs are a big reminder of my childhood during World War II when my mother and I lived along here in Ohio. We ate what we could grow in our vegetable garden and we had a chicken coupe and had fresh eggs which we could also trade for a stick of butter or maybe a small piece of cheese.

But most of all was in the heat and humidity of June, July and August my mom had a giant kettle on the top of the kitchen cookstove, roaring away, boiling water and in that were several cans of green beans, or other things picked from the garden.

She also made pickles. And relish and things from pickles whose names I have since forgotten. I like you blog post today because I got to go back in time and relive my time then with my mom when it was the darkest hour on earth and we were at war.

Thanks to you and others, I get a big lift out of trying to outdo myself and post things that may surprise some and make others laugh a bit and most of all make lots of people aware of things that might not know much about.

When somebody actually takes the time to write a comment about my work and what I do, that to me is the biggest gift a person can give another. It is a smile on greeting, it is a welcome handshake, and it gives me and my family some hope that the dementia farm is still down the road.

You, yourself, are an inspiration to me. I come back not only to say, "thanks for visiting and leaving a comment" but thanks for taking the time to photograph things of interest and great beauty. Without that, blogging would be about as exciting as a wart on the end of my nose.

So, thanks for stopping at my blog. And rest assured, when you do, I will always try to visit your blog, in return, and leave a comment on your blog. I might not think your photography is ready for the masterpiece award, but it got my attention.


Abraham Lincoln
oldmanlincoln in Brookville, Ohio

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

My grandmother used to can and jar all kinds of produce every summer, as did my aunt. I never learned how, and settle for the supermarket brands. You series of market shots has been wonderful.

Kang Boim said... hopping here from have nice blog.. :D hopping here from have nice blog.. :D :D

Kris McCracken said...

I LOVE dolma! The local Turkish place does it and I can't get enough.

Thanks for these photos, they are great.