Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Small things that create big emotions…

Yesterday I started to draft this post and then had to leave it for later...Below is what I have drafted...

"Today’s post is called “small things that create big emotions”…flowers and vases that you see on below picture are small things (not that small actually) that are able to create big emotions of love, surprise, amusement, happiness and joy…Both those vases and flowers in them are somebody's presents to me and my family and I am very grateful for this attention, beauty and gorgeous presents..."

After I drafted the above I received below letter from Finland that I think only proves the title of my today's post. I am extremely happy to receive this feedback from my reader and so delighted to see that my blog serves its purpose. I am sharing with you the letter:

"Dear Ayten, The Azer music of your blog is being played in the background. I just found your site last Friday! I am very thrilled and moved. The name of Sheki was given to me by a Russian journalist, Dilyara Muradova. She had recently visited the town and told about the traditional carpets. And I googled you together with Sheki! It was like really meeting someone. I am just reading the book “Brida” by Paolo Coelho. Azerbaijan has been a mysterious word for me ever since my father, interested in geography and history, mentioned it while I was a child. I am 61 years now. I am also very keen on the bulb flowers growing in the wild – here in Finland we grown them in our gardens. I am also involved in starting a Fair trade business of design products for the home with strong ethnic and craft background – that is the link to the carpets. Sorry about this confusing message. Now I shall go back to my work in promoting modern design from Finland. I just had to contact you and tell how happy and moved your site made me!
All the best in your life. All the best for your family. All the best for your country.
Warm greetings from Ms Päivi Jantunen"



babooshka said...

It show our blogs are read more than we think.

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Anonymous said...

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