Thursday, December 11, 2008

Qurban (Gurban) Bayram

This post is a bit outdated, sorry, but I thought I’d still write...

I try not to write about religion or politics on my blog but now and then I make exceptions...

Although I don’t pray in a “proper” way and don’t do many other things that Muslims are supposed to do slaughtering a sheep once a year in the name of Allah and dividing it and sharing it with people around personally to me means/feels like a way to show my gratefulness to God. We all know the parable where the tradition takes its roots from and I also believe that this is also a respectful cause when at least once a year people make a pause and remember to share.
While travelling I hear different people commenting on different traditions. My personal opinion is that most traditions have deep meaning in them and without studying them no criticism and most of all no irony should take place and tolerance and respect would be ideal actually.
Tradition says that from each slaughtered sheep dishes must be prepared/cooked in seven homes (I think, excuse my ignorance please). People distribute “pay”s (piece to each household, a kilo or so each), congratulate each other with “Qurban Bayram” (Holiday of Sacrifice in Azeri) and wish to each other “Allah qurbanınızı qəbul etsin” “Let Allah accept your sacrifice”.


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