Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Unknown Azerbaijan...Qara Qarayev..."Seven beauties" ballet

There are moments in life when a person feels proud of belonging to this or other country/nation. I (and I think everyone else present) felt like this last Saturday at premiere of Qara Qarayev's (Kara Karayev) ballet "Seven beauties". Previous staging that I never saw was said to be unable to go in line with richness and perfection of ballet's music. This year's performance with superbly redone costumes and decor, invited foreign producers and more effort, support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism was able to convey visually the beauty of the music. Qara Qarayev's music and up-to-date performance brought the viewers to state of euphoria, joy and pride. At the end of the performance when the viewers were generously applauding in order to express their gratitude and appreciation to everyone involved from ballet dancers to costume designer, the conductor showed the orchestra score, Qara Qarayev's creation and everyone was applauding to Qara Qarayev then thanking for sharing with us his genius and leaving behind something eternal, music he had created.
P.S. Must see/listen ballet.


anna said...

Cox sag olun, Ayten, thank you for this! The next time I come to Baku, the number one thing on my ´to do´ list will be to see Azerbaijan's National Ballet.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to see Seven Beauties when the show was in Baku last week.

Anonymous said...

My luck, Seven Beauties returns to Baku. I will see the performance tomorrow!