Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art of cooking (if I may say :)...

Some readers might get shocked that many older people in Sheki continue to think that lamb is the healthiest meat and that the most delicious meals are prepared using melted butter. Let my granny rest in peace but she and her sisters would never have a second opinion about the above…

In the age when eating less is becoming more and more popular what you eat and how you eat meaning what goes well with what is very important in Azerbaijan…

Spoiled with numerous kinds of fresh and delicious fruits, vegetables and other, backed up by rich traditions and culture, prepared with kind hands and warm hearts of our grannies and mothers Azerbaijan can boast to have one of the best cuisines in the world…and yes, I am making this statement confidently.

Just as one example…Sheki has plov or (ash as we call it in Sheki) for each season (rice prepared in a way that I can’t really describe…rice that you can “hear” from far away thanks to saffron and magic used during preparation).

Today my post is devoted to a good friend Farida Sadikhova Buyuran who not only cherishes and appreciates Azeri cuisine but what is even more important conveys it to a wider audience via her colorful and wonderful website, AZ Cookbook – Food from Azerbaijan & Beyond, and soon to be published in USA cookbook. I respect passion she puts into her work and perfectionism and seriousness with which she approaches this task. I am sure her sunny and happy personality will shine through her book as it does now when we visit her website. I wish her good luck with publishing her book and many exciting projects in the future. Sending her our support from Baku I hope that she will get the same support in USA and everywhere else her book reaches. I have put the link to her website on this post but you can also find the link on the right side of this blog. Good luck to you, Farida!! The book will be a success I am sure.

Met via blogging we met in person in summer when Farida was visiting Azerbaijan.
First I wanted to edit the photo so that you could see only Farida and I but then I left the picture as it is :)

Sooo many things to talk about :)

What do I treat Farida to? No let me be honest here...what do I ask my mom to prepare for us? (I did the cake though :) Let's go traditional...let's have dolma (stuffed grape leaves). Dolma goes well with yogurt, melon or cucumber (go for Sheki white cucumber:) and summer salad.



farida said...

Ayten, thank you so much for the dedication. I am beyond flattered! The food on your table was very delicious and the company with you and your family was great. It was nice meeting you all. Thanks a lot for all your support!

PS: Glad you didn't cut yourself out in the pics:) I like them with both of us:)

Anonymous said...

This is really great what you both do, i am pleased to know that there are ppl our there who cherish our tradition, cuisine.

It worth mentioning that Farida's food pictures are great, so as the food.

warm regards from an Azeri in Kiev (temporarily)


Ayten Qiyas-Rustamova Айтен Гияс-Рустамова Aytən Qiyas-Rüstəmova said...

Farida, it is my pleasure! :) Love from Baku :)

Dear Azeri in Kiev, thank you very much for your warm words! And yes, you are absolutely right, Farida is a great photographer too!