Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seven waterfalls

As I mentioned earlier Qabala has beautiful waterfalls that are called "Seven waterfalls". Road to those waterfalls is quite difficult as it is a village road and one has to pass even through a small spring or river...but roads never scare locals (because they take thing easy by nature) and foreigners (because they usually drive jeeps). Waterfalls are quite high and one sees as far as he/she can and what is above higher in the mountains I do not know. But there must be other waterfalls so that there are seven of them.

People in Azerbaijan believe that anywhere one goes there must be tea place and this place is no exception. Tea place is available by the waterfalls as well and whoever desires makes a stop to listen to sound of water and enjoy the scenery that nature has granted.


babooshka said...

Not only beautiful photos but beautiful words. Very edcutaional post.

Um Naief said...

i agree... i loved this post. it's really pretty there.... and tea, too!