Thursday, October 16, 2008

Autumn...and not only...

Autumn or fall is rain, wind, dirt, puddles, depression BUT it is also red, yellow leaves, less heat, fall of the leaves and beautiful period of nature. So much depends on mood. I would say that good mood and good weather are interconnected. Good weather cheers one up; good mood enables us to appreciate the weather…and not only…

P.S. I had sent my modest review (please see the post lower) of The Kite Runner to the author Khaled Hosseini and got the below reply from him that was very pleasant to read:
Dear Ayten,
Thank you for sharing the review you wrote on my novel, The Kite Runner. I am very touched by your kind words. I am also thrilled that you enjoyed The Kite Runner and really appreciate your taking the time to write to me. It is great for me to hear that my story has resonated with you.
Best wishes,
Khaled Hosseini

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farida said...

Wow, how nice of you to write him, and how nice of him to reply to you. He is an amazing writer and Kite Runner is simply outstanding no neglect.