Thursday, October 30, 2008

People of Lahic and Nich...

These are pictures of craftsmen in Lahic…they might be well fed up of tourists who take their photos as if they are from another planet…ok we do this out of curiosity of course…but I wonder if these people would want to take our photo in the office behind computer looking serious saving the world :) are we?? :)

These craftsmen in Lahic were happy to pause their work and pose for us and were very friendly…I hope they teach younger generation and these skills are transferred no matter how developed the world becomes. I believe in human factor and what people can create.

I am also posting a photo of the curator of Albanian church in Nich, Qabala, who was not in the church but came to open the doors for us and share with us his time and knowledge. We were just tourists who didn’t even donate any money (some of my colleagues might have) and people whom he would maybe never see again. But he was happy to come and spend his time and talk about the history and traditions…and we were very grateful to him. I hope that people will stay as friendly as they are now and smile and have sympathy for each other...just...for nothing...just because all of us are humans.

Here is a picture of Albanian church in Nich, Qabala, I am mentioning.


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Azeroglu said...

At Sheki were old crafts as those. But the goverment of Sheki destroyed all of those.