Sunday, October 26, 2008

News of the day :)

Dear All, today I have received the below message that I need to share with you! Please read and see lower!


Hi Ayten, Let me introduce myself. Iam Jennifer Quiambao from the Philippines. I also have 1 child, a son's school held a contest to commemorate united nations day and he was one of the participants (6 years old). we decided to have him represent a un member country that is not familiar to everybody. we did an on line research and came up and decided on choosing Azerbaijan. We used the pictures you posted here and copied their costumes. We won the grand prize. Also it was a very learning experience because everyone got to know a few details about this country. Thank you so much for your was a very very big help. I would like to share with you some photos from the said contest. I feel very proud.


In addition to separate personal message I have already written to Jennifer I want to congratulate her and her son here on blog with winning the grand prize.

and I am so happy to see that my blog is serving its purpose :) Here is my post on Azeri costumes...

Thank you to all of you for visiting my blog!!



Gulcohra said...

This is my great sister :))!! I am happy for that :).

Wish everyone to have one like her.



Ayten Giyas said...


Elizabeth said...

I love your site! The pictures are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


Sally said...

Isn't that fantastic! How joyful.