Thursday, May 29, 2008

Republic Day in Azerbaijan

Yesterday Azerbaijan was celebrating its Republic Day. It is an important date for the country as on that day in 1918 Act of Independence of Azerbaijan was adopted. After two years on 1920 the Republic was invaded by Soviet Army and during 71 years Azerbaijan was one of 15 Republics of the Soviet Union. It became possible to become an independent Republic for Azerbaijan in 1991 only after the collapse of Soviet Union. Even though the union was collapsing Soviet army did one last massacre on January 20, 1990.

Many years have passed; many people have sacrificed their lives. It is 2008 now and 90 years have passed since 28 May 1918. It is a sunny and happy day here in Baku today and it is difficult to remember all sad things that happened during all these years for us to be able to carry Azerbaijani passport today and represent our own country.

Maybe one day there will be no borders and people will love and respect each other no matter what language they speak or how they look or how wealthy and successful they are. Currently it seems to me that although some people are ready to spread love constantly around them some would just try to benefit from this rather than reply with love in return. The same applies to countries…This means that not everyone is ready to live without borders and represent the world rather than a piece of it; countries small in size like Azerbaijan will have to remember this and about its interests and do its best to protect the interests of Azerbaijanis as any other country currently does, playing according to rules of XXI century.

I don’t have a relevant picture to be devoted to this post but I am posting a photo of my 2 years old son who is trying to dig in our garden. Why? Because children are the future and because land, nature, earth are the main and eternal things in this world to respect and take good care of. After all, the picture is not that irrelevant :)
With love from Azerbaijan :)


Monday, May 26, 2008

Eurovision 2008 Azerbaijan - Day After Day

This year for the first time Azerbaijan participated in Eurovision song contest.

This contest might be a less important matter for countries that have been independent for many centuries or since its citizens can remember themselves lets say. But when it comes to Azerbaijan…our country has been independent during two years, 1918-1920, and only recently, since 1991, when the country was able to declare its independence after 71 years of USSR farce.

Therefore this year when our singers went to Belgrade the contest meant more than a song competition to Azerbaijan; it meant that at last we have got the chance to represent our country on international or in this case on European arena.

It was our first participation and we came as number 8 in top 10. Congratulations to contestants and big thank you to those who voted for and supported Azerbaijan. I took these videos from YouTube in case you are interested to watch: this video is the filmloop and the one lower broadcast from the contest.

Warm regards from Azerbaijan,


Eurovision 2008 Azerbaijan - Day After Day