Saturday, August 02, 2014

Another post on rich summer...

The same thoughts come to me each summer that we live on a fertile land that spoils us with anything that we could wish for.
I have written numerously about white cucumbers that grow in Sheki. I am posting photos of cucumbers that grow in my relative's garden. I may sound boring but I find it quite amazing to see fruits and vegetables grow and that one is able to go and pick them up right there in the garden.
Gathering black currant is not easy due to its thorns. I did try it. One may often find kids selling it on the way to Sheki or in Sheki. We know its hard work so we buy from them as much as we can.
Saw it growing but didn't touch this time, wasn't ready as yet. Took its photo instead.  
If you have time press on these photos and see the peaches closer. These are let me use popular nowadays word 100% organic peaches that grow in my uncle's garden. They are amazing and yes, tasty.  
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