Sunday, October 19, 2014

Love is in the air....

There comes time in one's life (hopefully sooner rather than later) when person starts to appreciate everything positive that is around him or her. And gratitude becomes a natural part of the person's existence. He or she does not have to make any effort and look for reasons since reasons are all around.

I can't remember since when but I know definitely that by this birthday I have become one of those grateful for anything and everything that is peaceful, sunny, healthy, delicious, friendly etc etc etc...the list is endless of course. Days when I am in a bad mood are not considered...

My birthday this year was family get together. I want to share with you some photos that are not professional but convey some of my thoughts today...Be well.

With all the great restaurants and cuisines available in our capital Baku the best plov is at my parents prepared by my mom, Güllər xanım. I took this photo in the kitchen, at making of stage. One can and I can never thank mom enough... 

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Its season of pomegranates in Azerbaijan now. Organic, healthy, beautiful and tasty pomegranates. My dad, Nadir muallim, always peels pomegranates for us his daughters and wife (yes, probably in this order). Nowadays he also has his grandsons queueing. God bless. Dad doesn't mind. Never. 
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Now. One of the best parts of any gathering in Azerbaijan is tea session. Moms tea is always delicious. This time she also had delicious walnut preserve prepared by my cousin Səhər xanim. Walnut preserve is Sheki delicacy. It's prepared from walnuts that are not ready yet and green. The process is not easy and not everyone is the professional. Yes, the walnuts ín preserve come black in colour and yes, you would be surprised by its beautiful taste.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014


It is hard to believe that during all these years that I am writing this blog I never wrote about piti.

The word "piti" must be read stressing the second syllable. If you say it right and say it to someone from Azerbaijan, the person would smile at you back and say "ah, piti"...

Probably I would be right to say that no other meal of Sheki is as traditional as "piti". "Piti" comes from our ancestors, it was thought through in far history and all we do now is enjoy it, try to preserve its peculiarities and pass it on to young generations.

Peculiar meals exist of course in every city, country and corner of our planet. Traditional meals of someone else might be to our taste or not and this is very natural. Passion with which local people offer visitors traditional meals close to their hearts is very understandable. Visitors don't have to like or even more so love these meals and dishes...the extent to which they are ready to try new things also depends on how adventurous they are.

So if you are not a vegetarian and are not shocked to see pieces of fatty tail of lamb in your plate then be sure that you would enjoy eating "piti" very much.

Piti is cooked in ceramic pots. What is important that piti should not be prepared in newly made ceramic pots. Only ceramic pots that have been boiled preliminarily with lamb fat could be used to prepare piti. New ceramic pots absorb all fat and oil and therefore can't be used to prepare a delicious meal.

This is where I would stop since the rest you would need to see, try and enjoy personally. Piti can be tried all year long...but if you happen to be in Sheki or Baku in cool autumn or crispy winter weather, then piti is THE meal. My subjective view is that piti smells and tastes great.
I am posting our family photos of one of those "piti" evenings at my parents. Piti season is starting you see...

Be well!    

Piti goes well with pickles and onion. Usually one pot serves one person but you can share of course.
Tradition demands certain ways of eating piti. First you enjoy broth and then the rest of the meal.

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