Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Day has come

Dear World, Dear Readers and Visitors of this blog, of my blog that is so dear to me.
Today, after exactly five! years of silence, I am happy and proud to be writing this post.
Actually, there was never a silence. I was writing mainly in Russian and Azerbaijani on my other blog and on my facebook page.
No matter which language I write in and no matter what I write about, there is one subject that is one of my favorite and dear ones and that is of course, Sheki.
Sheki has become more known since I wrote here last. City receives more and more tourists; its name is better recognized.
Who would think that the Day would come and CNN of this world would write about my dear Sheki. CNN quote (CNN) - "Before Azerbaijan was famous for oil, it was a land of silk and spices."
Yes, thank you, CNN, exactly!
And I would actually add that Azerbaijan has always been and remains to be land of great landscapes, great food and most importantly land of people with smiling eyes and kind heart.
There is more that I want to share and I hope to do it more often and regularly now.
With love and best wishes,
Your Ayten
The view when going down the hill to Sheki city centre.

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