Friday, May 28, 2010

28th of May - Republic Day in Azerbaijan

28th of May is celebrated as Republic Day in Azerbaijan. This is the day when Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was declared in 1918 and Act of Independence of Azerbaijan was adopted. This was the first Democratic Republic in the Orient...Republic that lasted then for 23 months only....

Azerbaijan declared its independence for the second time in 1991.

My posts on this date: in 2009 here and in 2008 here.

I was thinking today what I would write this year...History shows that people always fought for their borders and land, for their right to have identity, to be independent. Globalization might be an interesting neologism but unfortunately historically there were always the ones who tried to repress and the ones that had to struggle (in addition to many other things). Its year 2010. Azerbaijan Republic is gradually building up. It is representing itself internationally independently; and its citizen and/or native Azeris are still learning sometimes to love, respect and be proud of their Republic.
Today I am posting a photo of Azeri passport. On many borders I saw customs officials who were curiously examining my passport...often they never saw one or never heard of a place called Azerbaijan...surprise, surprise, the person carrying this passport didn't look any different :)
"Land of Fire", situated on cross roads of East and West, rich with natural resources and motherland to talented people, Azerbaijan, as any other Republic is striving for peace and wellbeing on its territory...and...further. So be it! Happy Republic Day! :)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have you seen a rainbow this year?

Recently I came across a beautiful question...«have you seen a rainbow this year?»...Rainbow that reminds of childhood, happy and cheerful moments. I think anyone who sees a rainbow smiles at this beautiful phenomenon of nature. The question implied that until a person is able to notice rainbows, to raise his/her eyes to see and enjoy, to smile to this event of nature that means that the person continues to live and is able to gladden his heart and soul. Soon after I heard this question my relative in Sheki, Turkan Mustafayeva, shared with us above picture that she took from her balcony. The view from their balcony is beautiful. They are blessed to see gorgeous mountains before them...currently buried in rich and deep green foliage...I am thanking Turkan for sharing with us this amazing instant of nature...and hope you will enjoy it too...:) 

P.S. After I made this post I received a nice note from my another relative originally from Sheki, Arifa Salayeva, who reminded that one should make a wish when sees a rainbow "when you see a rainbow, draw or make a small cross on the ground, after doing this you may then make your wish"...

Also she recalled a beautiful poem/song that I want to share with you too:

somewhere over the rainbow
skies are blue
and the dreams that you dare to dream
really do come true...:) 


Friday, May 21, 2010

“Zhiguli” or part of our history...

There are different ways how a person looks at everything…as they say “glass can feel/seem/look half full or half empty…”

Nowadays it is very popular to complain…we often complain about everything starting from weather and continuing with anything…as if better we live more we complain…

As most of you know Soviet times were all about “Zhiguli”s or “Lada cars”…People were happy to have/to be allowed to have a car…nowadays there are no restrictions…cars everywhere…after being happy for awhile that there are no restrictions and there are new opportunities everyone started to complain that cars are too big, streets are too narrow, traffic jams are too irritating…etc etc…

Well…Zhiguli on below pictures belongs to the neighbor of my in-laws…looks like he is not getting depressed that his car is not the fastest and the biggest on this street...but loves the car he has got…his glass must be half full…hopefully…:)

Why “Zhiguli” on this blog? Because it is a part of our history…we might not always like our history but it is what it is with all the good and the bad…hopefully today we (can) create a better history for tomorrow…each of us…

Be well :)


Sunday, May 09, 2010

9th of May...

Today I want to write about 9th of May...

9th of May is celebrated as Victory Day in World War II (1941-1945) in post-Soviet countries. Soviet era left behind many ambiguous memories but there is one thing that everyone remembers with pride about our general past. People of all 15 Republics fought together shoulder to shoulder against fascism during WWII and gained victory with their blood and lives. This memory has no regrets and second thoughts. This is the history that everyone is proud to be a part of. There are fewer and fewer veterans among us. 9th of May is their day. Today each and every “post-Soviet” person remembers veterans and victims of World War II and celebrates victory. My post on 9th of May that I wrote back in 2007 where I mention Ahmadiyya Jabrailov, one of famous veterans of Sheki, can be read here.

There was this wish that was quite popular in Soviet times...people were wishing to each other “peaceful sky”...This is still quite relevant nowadays in this uncertain world...and very relevant to Azerbaijan that is in cease-fire situation...

I took below pictures today...when walking with my kids in Baku...I thought to myself that I would post them and remember and thank all veterans of World War II and everyone else who acts for peace and justice, for this peaceful sky...Thank you! Happy Victory Day!!! 

Many countries are celebrating 9th of May as Mother's Day...well I guess there is something that unites people in many countries of the world today then...since every mother prays for peace on Earth...Happy Mother's Day!