Sunday, December 15, 2013

Azerbaijan - European chess champions 2013 and 100 years to Arshin Mal Alan...

I haven’t been writing for quite a while but I was thinking about it quite a lot.
Two things happened during this period that I am particularly keen to mention about on my blog.
One of them is that our country team (men) became European chess champion for year 2013. This is big pride for Azerbaijan which team is becoming European chess champion for the second time: year 2009 and year 2013 
Chess has always been popular in Azerbaijan and thankfully continues to be so in young families.

This makes a perfect blend with another strong part of culture if not the strongest one in my country that is art and performance that I also want to write about today.

Here we are in year 2013 and recently new life was breathed into the movie that is based on  Arshin Mal Alan operetta. The movie has a rich history and world famous talents of its own and you can read about it here.      
I am sharing with you the soundtrack devoted to rebirth of the film, that is based of course on the original music. Music and performance are simply beautiful. Of course it is beautiful to my heart since every note of it echoes in me. But I think you would enjoy it too. This music describes Azerbaijan... 

Be well...


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